Sports Books we Recommend for Football Fans

The sports books we recommend all focus on improving your chance of understanding professional sports. We’ve compiled our top selections of this years best sports books. They go through a diverse selection from professional football, college football, nfl sports books, all the way to hockey, soccer, and even sports books on the topic of running. Some of the characters described in the books we have selected vary from all walks of life. One thing they have in common is the desire to win.

The sports books we have selected and promote currently are all 5 stars because they offer a lot of information I have never seen published and they are all extremely well written and edited.

For a start, how do Sportsbooks help you win at sports? Is it psychology? Looking at that process, you can identify when and what will be easiest way to be successful at your chosen sport. How do people become super bowl champions? how do teams win superbowl after superbowl?

Football has become America’s true national pastime, but without a basic understanding of the game, it can be difficult to watch and enjoy. Football Is For Girls is a book for women that explains the game from the ground up. The game, its players, its concepts and its strategies are clearly explained in an easily digestible format. For anyone who has an interest in watching more of the game, but just can’t seem to completely grasp what is going on and why, this book was written for you.

This book is awesome and it’s a great read for the lady that really wants to understand the basics of football! I just watched the first game of the season (2017) and I understood it completely and was able to explain to my husband what was happening via text while he was out! Finally. I’m dangerous now! I read this book and I can actually have a “real” conversation during a football game without only talking about cute mascots and nice uniform colors! I was motivated to get the book to join in on all the “passionate” game day talks the guys have and also because my football knowledge was lacking. When my son came home and told me a few years back he was selected to be a “Strong Safety” for his high school football team, I thought it was a term of endearment because he was a body builder! Now I know better! The author breaks the game down like apples and oranges and she uses simple language making it easy to understand. She smoothly explains the flow of the game and covers everything from a vertical offense, zone coverage, special teams, the roles of the different coaches, basic offensive schemes, and gives an index of terms and so much more! Each player’s position is also broken down by location and purpose and she takes you through every play of the game. I’m a Steelers fan and wore my shirt to the store and a guy walked up to me, pointed at my shirt and said “What do you know about that?” smiled, and walked away. I told my son and husband about it and they both said “You need to learn more so you can handle the sharks!” This book gave me the foundation to be armed this season! My husband (a NY Giants fan) now says “I like it when you talk football!” I will be ready this year! So when the guys have game nights with friends, I won’t just keep asking them if they want more chips and drinks! I’ll be joining in and having fun while defending my team and engaging in a “real” conversation about the game!

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Showing 1–12 of 13 results